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Re: {patch bfd/ld/binutils]: Adjust calling convention of x64 windows to non-leading underscore

2010/4/27 Nick Clifton <>:
> Hi Kai,
>> This patch changes default for x64 windows targets to use
>> non-underscored cdecl-symbols as described
>> in vendor's calling-convention. This patch is the binutils part and a
>> gcc patch will be posted soon for it, too.
>> To allow the *old* behavior too, a bfd configure option
>> '--enable-leading-mingw64-underscores' is added here.
> Approved - please apply - but ...
> ... you need to document this new behaviour. ?An entry in ld/NEWS to mention
> the new configure option and an update to the ld.texinfo file would be
> ideal.
> Cheers
> ?Nick

Hello Nick,

the configure option '--enable-leading-mingw64-underscores' is
something for bfd. But you are right, that a NEWS entry should be
written for it, but is ld the correct place for this?


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