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Re: ld for VMS?

On Apr 25, 2010, at 8:11 PM, Jay K wrote:

> Tristan,
>   I'm seeing the following:
>   Any alpha-dec-vms-ld invocation with reasonable inputs fails an assertion:
>    alpha-dec-vms-ld: BFD (GNU Binutils) assertion fail /src/binutils/src/bfd/vms-lib.c:351
>           BFD_ASSERT (sbm_sz>= sizeof (struct vms_dcxsbm) + l + 3 * sbm_len);
>  in _bfd_vms_lib_archive_p. I'm not sure it is complaining about gas output or the libraries from VMS.

This is an error due to a compressed library from VMS.  Maybe starlet ?

> (gdb) p *abfd  
> $1 = {
>   id = 6, 
>   filename = 0x80ed54 "ACLEDTSHR", 

And more precisely the member ACLEDTSHR.

> Any alpha-dec-vms-as output passed to link on VMS is rejected with lots of errors, invalid record types, invalid lengths, etc.

Ehh, you need to carefully transfer from UNIX to VMS.  See Doug reply.

> alpha-dec-vms-gcc -malpha-as output is not accepted by VMS "macro", lots of errors.

> alpha-dec-vms-nm does accept alpha-dec-vms-as output.
> Any ideas?
> You see, I can generate assembly on a cross host. That seems to work.
> And then I can either assemble it on the cross host, copy to VMS, link on VMS,
> or I could copy the assembly to VMS, run macro and link on VMS.
> Or I could link on the cross host and just copy the executables to VMS.
> None of the three options seems to be working.
> I'll have to poke around more..

The third one should work.  We were able to use it.
You can assemble on VMS but you need to build gas on VMS.
You can link on VMS, but you need to correctly set the attributes.


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