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Re: {patch bfd/ld/binutils]: Adjust calling convention of x64 windows to non-leading underscore

2010/4/23 Pedro Alves <>:
> On Friday 23 April 2010 18:17:08, Pedro Alves wrote:
>> think there's no problem there as these are symbols only supposed to
>> be referenced across images?), and, and C code that accesses
> Sigh, I meant "are not supposed", and typed the opposite.
> --
> Pedro Alves

I got it ;)

If added to this patch a change to dlltool.exp to use by default for
tests --leading-underscore and --no-leading-underscore. This failure
was reasoned by the changed underscoring behavior for x64.
By checking this test for arm-wince-pe, I see that it can be ran now
for arm coff-pe targets, too. So I added it for targets to be tested.

Additional changelog entry
        * testsuite/binutils-all/dlltool.exp: Allow test for
arm-wince-pe target.
        Make test underscore default-mode independent.

Tested for i686-pc-cygwin, i686-pc-mingw32, arm-wince-pe,
x86_64-w64-mingw32, x86_64-pc-mingw32.
Ok, for apply?

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