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Re: gold patch committed (Was: Re: Help needed to track down bug: linking Linux kernel with gold creates unbootable kernel)

On Fri, Apr 23, 2010 at 8:31 AM, Ian Lance Taylor <> wrote:
> "H.J. Lu" <> writes:
>>>> 2. -z max-page-size=0x1000 isn' honored on the last segment.
>>> I don't know what you mean here.
>> User asked maximum page size to be 0x1000 and gold does
>> something else. I don't know if the resulting binary is valid
>> or not since p_align are different on 2 LOAD segments.
> Unfortunately the -z max-page-size option is poorly documented. ?What
> do we think it should mean? ?For the GNU linker, the option has two
> effects: 1) set the value for CONSTANT (MAXPAGESIZE) in a linker
> script; 2) set the default value for page alignment of program
> headers.

In practice, they are the same thing.

> In practice it sets the minimum page size to use for a demand paged
> executable. ?You seem to be suggesting that it should also set a
> maximum page size, in effect suggesting that it should be the exact
> page size to use. ?Is that we want?

p_align is the maximum page size. I don't know where the minimum
page size comes from.


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