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Re: [Fwd: Re: [Fwd: Linker problems]]

"Andrei B" <> writes:

>> I suppose I don't see how this could work.  The linker is only able to
>> link object files, not executable files.  I've never looked at NASM in
>> detail; does it have any option to emit an object file rather than an
>> executable file?  Why is NASM involved here anyhow?
> In my first post here (or how you call it) I have given the links to the
> kernel I'm trying to compile, from Bran's kernel development tutorial.
> It's code dating back to 2005 and he appears to have been using Windows to
> compile it. I have "converted" his DOS batch file to a Makefile, without
> changing anything in the source or how the tools were invoked. He was
> using Win32/DOS versions of GCC, NASM and LD.

Thanks, but, to be honest, I'm not going to spend my limited time
reading a five year old kernel development tutorial written to work on
Windows.  I would encourage you to take these questions as guides that
may help you to resolve the problem.


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