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[Patch 0/4]: Rewrite of the alpha-vms bfd back-end.


as it was already announced, I did some work on the alpha-vms back-end.  Meanwhile contributions have been
submitted and I can't delay this patch indefinitely.

First, I have suppressed the vax-vms back-end.  It was already obsoleted in configure, and for sure it was
not functional.  I will encourage any revival (and I could even give an hand) but AdaCore has no VAX

Second I have merged all alpha/vms specific files to vms-alpha.c.  This avoids artificial split and makes
the code easier to manage (no need to jungle with global functions).  A few remains in vms-misc.c, the one
that can be shared with a possible VAX back-end.

Finally, I added the support for the linker.  This is far from being complete (many features are missing),
but I can already link large programs (such as gcc) and run them on VMS.

Patches will follow.  Most of them are very VMS specific but because Makfiles and config files are changed,
I need an approval to commit them.


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