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Re: [PATCH][GOLD] Fix some issues in building ARM Linux kernel with gold.

"Doug Kwan (éæå)" <> writes:

> 2010-03-30  Doug Kwan  <>
>         * (Arm_relobj::Arm_relobj): Initialize
>         merge_flags_and_attribures.
>         (Arm_relobj::merge_flags_and_attributes): New method.
>         (Arm_relobj::merge_flags_and_attributes_): New data member.
>         (Arm_exidx_cantunwind::do_fixed_endian_write): Fix formatting.
>         (Arm_relobj::scan_sections_for_stubs): Ditto.
>         (Arm_relobj::do_read_symbols): Check to see if we really want to
>         merge processor-specific flags and attributes.  Exit early if
>         an object is empty except for section names and the undefined symbol.
>         (Target_arm::do_finalize_sections): Move check for ELF format to
>         Arm_relobj::do_read_symbols.  Merge processor specific flags and
>         attributes from a regular object only when we have determined that
>         it is aapropriate.  Do not create an .ARM.attributes section in
>         output if there is no regular input object.
>         (Target_arm::merge_processor_specific_flags): Check
>         --warn-mismatch before printing any error.
>         (Target_arm::merge_object_attributes): Ditto.
>         * (queue_middle_tasks): Handle the case in which there is
>         no regular object in input.
>         * (General_options::parse_EB): New method.
>         (General_options::parse_EL): Same.
>         (General_options::General_options): Initialize endianity_.
>         * options.h (-EB, -EL, --no-pipeline-knowledge, -p, --warn-mismatch):
>         New options.
>         (General_options::Endianity): New enum.
>         (General_options::endianity): New method.
>         (General_options::endianity_): New data member.
>         * (Parameters::set_options): Check target endianity.
>         (Parameters::set_target_once): Ditto.
>         (Parameters::check_target_endianity): New method.
>         (parameters_force_valid_target): If either -EL or -EB is specified,
>         use it to define endianity of default target.
>         * parameters.h (Parameters::check_target_endianity): New method
>         declaration.

Please change "endianity" to "endianness" throughout the patch.

> +      if (this->target().is_big_endian() != big_endian)
> +	gold_error(_("incompatible endianity specified in command line")); 

Make this error message more like "input file does not match -EB/-EL
option".  It would be nice if we could give the name of the file, but
I guess that is not convenient.

This is OK with those changes.



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