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Re: [Patch] add support for alpha/vms archives

On Apr 6, 2010, at 11:46 PM, h.becker wrote:

> Tristan Gingold wrote:
>> Hartmut,
>> please do be too picky, as this is a first implementation that will be improved.  I plan to submit my new
>> version of the alpha vms back-end and archives were part of that.  I also plan to support ia64.
> Tristan,
> I didn't want to appear picky at all. I just scanned the submitted sources and some things came to mind.

My words were too strong.  Thank you for the expert review.

>>> Also, although not often used, an object file can contain more than one object module.
>> Interesting.  How can such an object file be built ?
> I know that DEC Fortran did this, I know you can just concatenate object  files with the append command.

Ah ok.  I think we won't support this now...

>> The purpose of this is to be able to handle text libraries.  That useful to read header or help files on
>> unix.
> I think I understand, but the text libraries seem to handled the same as archives. Maybe nobody tries nm or objdump on them.

The file will be recognized either as a raw binary file or won't be recognized.  Not that different from
Unix archives: it is possible to put anything in such archive.

Of course, only 'ar t' or 'ar x' is useful.


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