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Re: Idea for Google Summer Code : Assembler for EFI Byte Code implement in gas & Diassembler for EFI Byte Code Binary in objdump

Hi Yi-Hong,

When you say "EFI" are you referring to "UEFI v2.3" or some other version of the standard ?

So I want to make EBC as another target for gas.
So I think I should implement a dissambler in objdump for EBC binary first.

I am wondering whether this kind of idea is valuable to the binutils??

It would be interesting certainly. The main problem with accepting new ports into the binutils project is trying to establish whether they are going to be supported in the long term. If you create the assembler and disassembler as a summer-of-code project then I would be worried that once that summer is over you will move on to new things and the code will be left orphaned.

My advice would be that if this is just going to be single summer project that you arrange to have the code archived somewhere when it is complete and then post links to it in suitable forums and mailing lists. (Eg this binutils list and the EFI mailing list).


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