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Idea for Google Summer Code : Assembler for EFI Byte Code implement in gas & Diassembler for EFI Byte Code Binary in objdump

Hello all,

EFI is a much larger, more complex,OS-like replacement for the older BIOS
firmware interface present in all IBM PC-compatible personal computers.
and the EFI specification provides for a processor-independent device driver environment(like virtualmachine), called EFI Byte Code or EBC.

Intel(R) C Compiler for EFI Byte Code, the only one C compiler for EFI Byte Code
is not open source, and also a pay software.

I am highly interestd in implementing C compiler for EBC in GCC and participate in Google Summer Code.
But even I implement it successary, their isn't any assembler for EBC.
So I want to make EBC as another target for gas.
On the other hand, there is only one pre-compiled EBC binary(fat.efi) released in the EDKII
I want to dissamble it to get some idea about the compiling process(c -> EBC)but there isn't any dissambler for EBC binary.
So I think I should implement a dissambler in objdump for EBC binary first.

I am wondering whether this kind of idea is valuable to the binutils??



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