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Re: PATCH: Check rex_ignored

>>> "H.J. Lu" <> 16.11.09 16:31 >>>
>On Mon, Nov 16, 2009 at 1:07 AM, Jan Beulich <> wrote:
>>>>> "H.J. Lu" <> 14.11.09 00:14 >>>
>>>For VEX insn, REX prefix will be ignored. I checked in this patch to
>>>fix it.
>> Intel Advanced Vector Extensions Programming Reference (rev 006)
>> section 4.1.3 says "Any VEX-encoded instruction with a REX prefix
>> proceeding VEX will #UD", and I'd think the disassembler should express
>> this.
>There are so  many "#UD". I don't think the disassembler should do it.

It should at least explicitly print instead of silently ignoring it.

>> (Btw., would it be possible for you doc folks to include revision histories
>> in documents like this? It's rather hard to see what changed from e.g.
>> the previous rev of that doc.)
>If you take a look at "Order Number: 253666-031US" on the first page of
>SDM, "031" is the revision.

No, I didn't mean to add a revision number - it's been long ago I saw a
document from Intel that didn't have one. I'm asking for having a revision
history (i.e. an overview of what got changed).


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