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RE: [PATCH]: new ALIGNTOATLEAST linker script directive

Hi Ian,

> > This patch adds a new ALIGNTOATLEAST linker script directive.
> This
> > simplifies some of our linker scripts, and makes them a lot
> easier to
> > read.
> It's a fine idea, but it seems to me that you can do this kind of
> thing already.  I think that rather than add an increasing number
> of

Thanks for the feedback. You can do this kind of thing already. The
problem is that in our case there are lots of preceding sections,
including overlays. This made the resultant expression quite complicated
and error prone, so we favored implementing this directive.

> utility functions to the linker script language, it would make
> more
> sense to encourage preprocessing of linker scripts in some way.

I'm not so sure what you mean by this, or how we could have used this
kind of approach to solve our problem. Also, link times seem to be quite
an issue these days. Although preprocessing shouldn't add much of an
overhead, isn't it something we'd be concerned about?

As for the patch, I appreciate it's something that's probably not useful
outside of my company. I just thought that there's a small chance it'd
be useful to others in the future, and would be a nice self contained
bit of code for me to work out the procedure for submitting patches.

I'll dig out some bug fixes for my next submission, assuming they aren't
already fixed (and that I understood the code well enough) ... :)


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