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Re: [PATCH][GOLD] Change handling of thumb-bit in addresses.

"Doug Kwan (éæå)" <> writes:

> 2009-11-09  Doug Kwan  <>
>         * (Target_arm::fake_relnum_for_stubs): New constant.
>         (arm_symbol_value): Remove.
>         (Arm_relocate_functions::arm_branch_common,
>         Arm_relocate_functions::abs8, Arm_relocate_functions::thm_abs5,
>         Arm_relocate_functions::abs12, Arm_relocate_functions::abs16,
>         Arm_relocate_functions::abs32, Arm_relocate_functions::rel32,
>         Arm_relocate_functions::thm_call, Arm_relocate_functions::plt32,
>         Arm_relocate_functions::call, Arm_relocate_functions::jump24,
>         Arm_relocate_functions::prel31, Arm_relocate_functions::mov_abs_nc,
>         Arm_relocate_functions::movt_abs, Arm_relocate_functions::movw_abs_nc,
>         Arm_relocate_functions::thm_mobw_abs_nc,
>         Arm_relocate_functions::thm_mov_abs,
>         Arm_relocate_functions::movw_prel_nc,
>         Arm_relocate_functions::thm_movt_abs,
>         Arm_relocate_functions::movt_prel,
>         Arm_relocate_functions::thm_movw_prel_nc,
>         Arm_relocate_functions::thm_movt_prel): Adjust callers of the above.
>         (Target_arm::Relocate::relocate): Only decompose address into two
>         parts if relocation type uses the thumb-bit and pass the actual
>         bit instead of a flag indicating that the thumb-bit is used..  Adjust
>         calls to methods in Arm_relocate_functions for this change.

> +	      // Set thumb bit if symbol is:
> +	      // -Has type STT_ARM_TFUNC or
> +	      // -Has type STT_FUNC, is defined and with LSB in value set.

Either s/ is:/:/ or s/-Has/-/g .

> +      // This is a fake relocation synthesized for a stub.  It does not have
> +      // a real symbol.  We just look at the LSB of the symbo value to
> +      // determine if the target is THUMB or not.

s/symbol/symbol/ .

This is OK with those changes.



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