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Re: [PATCH][GOLD] Add code to build stubs.

"Doug Kwan (éæå)" <> writes:

> 2009-11-03  Doug Kwan  <>
>         * (class Reloc_stub): Correct a comment.
>         (Target_arm::Target_arm): Initialize arm_input_section_map_.
>         (Target_arm::scan_section_for_stubs): New method declaration.
>         (Target_arm::do_make_elf_object, Target_arm::do_make_output_section):
>         Change methods from private to protected.
>         (Target_arm::do_may_relax): New method definition.
>         (Target_arm::do_relax, Target_arm::group_sections,
>         Target_arm::scan_reloc_for_stub,
>         Target_arm::scan_reloc_section_for_stubs): New method declarations.
>         (Target_arm::arm_input_section_map_): New data member declaration.
>         (Target_arm::scan_reloc_for_stub,
>         Target_arm::scan_reloc_section_for_stubs,
>         Target_arm::scan_section_for_stubs, Target_arm::group_sections,
>         Target_arm::do_relax): New method definitions.

This is OK.



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