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Re: [PATCH] New ia64 @slotcount pseudo func (4th try)

On Thu, Nov 05, 2009 at 01:48:52PM -0800, Douglas B Rupp wrote:
> Seems like from this comment rs_align_code could be handled in  
> frag_offset_fixed_p, no?
>   /* Align code.  The fr_offset field holds the power of 2 to which
>      to align.  This type is only generated by machine specific
>      code, which is normally responsible for handling the fill
>      pattern.  The fr_subtype field holds the maximum number of
>      bytes to skip when aligning, or 0 if there is no maximum.  */
>   rs_align_code,

No, it can't be.  An alignment frag means that the offset between that
frag and following frags isn't known until the final address of the
alignment frag is known.  Alignment inserts a variable sized pad.

This means that you cannot resolve the expression down to O_constant
in ia64_parse_name.  Instead you'll need to build an expression using
O_md1 (if that isn't already used by ia64) and the two symbols, and
handle it in md_apply_fix.  And handle any other fallout.

Alan Modra
Australia Development Lab, IBM

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