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Re: [PATCH] change the condition preventing symbol replacement in snapshot_symbol()

>>> "H.J. Lu" <> 24.07.09 16:56 >>>
>On Fri, Jul 24, 2009 at 7:35 AM, Jan Beulich<> wrote:
>> As the new ltoff22x-6 test shows, using the defined-ness of a symbol to
>> decide whether to replace it is not correct - whether the symbol gets
>> defined before or after the use shouldn't matter. What does matter is
>> whether the symbol is global (and hence can, e.g. with ELF, be
>> overridden) - it's that case where replacement should be avoided in
>> order to not screw up the resulting relocations.
>> ltoff22x-7 exposes another issue (mailed about yesterday) in that for
>> equates of undefined global symbols resolve_symbol_value() will still
>> cause the referenced symbol to be used rather than the original one,
>> regardless of whether the original symbol is externally visible. The
>> test therefore is an xfail for the time being, until I hear back on
>> that issue.
>> gas/
>> 2009-07-24  Jan Beulich  <>
>>        * symbols.c (snapshot_symbol): Check whether the to be replaced
>>        symbol is global, rather than whether the replacement symbol is
>>        defined.
>I think it may be wrong. We can have
>.globl foo
>bar = foo
>where foo is defined/global and bar is local. Will you replace foo with

No, only the other way around: bar (non-global) can be replaced by foo.


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