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Re: PATCH: PR ld/10433: Latest ld fails to link ldconfig properly

Hi H.J.

First of all Alan is right. You do not have the authority to commit patches to generic code without first gaining approval. So please stop doing it. Even if it is for a critical Linux system bug.

Any backends which support IFUNC should set the ref_regular field
properly for IFUNC symbols. Otherwise IFUNC symbols in static
executables may not work properly. I don't see why the generic ELF
linker shouldn't test the ref_regular field for IFUNC symbols.

Your argument is reasonable. But, the decision has been made that ref_regular should be tested in the target backend code and not the generic code. You may not like it, but you can live with it. All projects involve compromises in various places and this is one of them.

Refusing to fix the GNU Binutils sources in the manner suggested however does not help the long term goal of providing free, effective binary tools to anyone who wants them. You are a very active and helpful contributor the Binutils project so please do not let this one bug become a major issue.


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