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Re: thin archive issues

> having looked a little at how your thin archives extension could be made use
> of, I'm seeing some issues with the file name handling: If the archive sits
> in (or below) a directory reached through a symlink, but the referenced
> objects and/or archives don't, the archive gets created without errors or
> warnings, but
> - objdump fails with a misleading error message (saying the thin archive file
> ?couldn't be opened)
> - ld silently ignores all the inaccessible members (particularly a problem when
> ?building shared libraries without getting warnings about symbols remaining
> ?undefined)
> While I so far have no idea how to fully consistently handle the path name
> issue (a partial approach might be to internally resolve the intermediate ..
> entries created during archive creation, but that still has weaknesses), I'd
> think the above two resulting issues should be fixed in any case.
> Thanks for your opinion (or rationale why things need to be the way they
> are).

(Sorry, I just returned from vacation.)

I'll take a look at this.


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