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Re: [patch] Support unordered .debug_info references to .debug_ranges

On Thu, 16 Jul 2009 04:39:53 +0200, Dave Korn wrote:
> binutils/testsuite/ChangeLog:
> 	* binutils-all/objcopy.exp:  Only run testranges if is_elf_format.
>   Tested on i686-pc-cygwin; Jan, would you mind verifying it still runs (and
> passes) the test on your linux target?

Yes, it works (x86_64-fedora-linux-gnu).  I agree it is right this way, please
check it in.

BTW is there some list of currently supported targets to check both for
failing new tests and for regressions?  Found out once the one below
	Cross-host testing patch
but I guess it may be too large for testing of "normal" patches.


alpha-linux-gnu alpha-unknown-freebsd4.7 alpha-unknown-osf4.0 arc-elf arm-aout
arm-eabi arm-epoc-pe arm-netbsdelf arm-nto arm-rtems arm-vxworks arm-wince-pe
avr-elf bfin-elf c4x-coff cr16c-elf cris-elf crx-elf d10v-elf d30v-elf dlx-elf
fr30-elf frv-elf frv-linux h8300-elf hppa-linux-gnu hppa64-hp-hpux11.23
i686-pc-cygwin i686-pc-elf i686-pc-linux-gnu ip2k-elf iq2000-elf m32c-elf
m32r-elf m68hc11-elf m68hc12-elf m68k-elf m68k-linux-gnu m68k-rtems
m68k-uclinux mcore-elf mcore-pe mep-elf mingw32-pe mips-elf mips-sgi-irix5
mips-wrs-vxworks mipsel-linux-gnu mips64-linux mmix-elf mmix-mmixware
mn10200-elf mn10300-elf msp430-elf mt-elf ns32k-netbsd openrisc-elf or32-elf
pdp11-dec-bsd pj-elf powerpc-eabisim powerpc-linux-gnu powerpc-nto
powerpc-wrs-vxworks powerpc64-linux-gnu rs6000-aix4.3.3 s390-linux sh-elf
sh-linux sh-nto shl-unknown-netbsdelf1.6T sh64-superh-linux-gnu sparc-elf
sparc64-linux-gnu sparc64-netbsd sparc-linux-gnu spu-elf tic54x-coff v850-elf
vax-netbsdelf x86_64-linux x86_64-mingw32 xscale-elf xstormy16-elf xtensa-elf

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