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Re: Question about mixing 32-bit and 64-bit objects on x86-64

Ian Lance Taylor <> writes:

> Luchezar Belev <> writes:
>> My question is this: is there a way i can link a 32-bit-compiled
>> application/object to a 64-bit-compiled library/object or vice versa
>> on x86-64
> With the GNU linker, you can do the actual link using the -b option to
> set the expected input target.  But since x86 and x86_64 code is not
> compatible, you can't actually make function calls between the code.
>> If the binary formats are not compatible maybe some form of "bridge"
>> could be used - for example 2 special objects/libs - one 32-bit and
>> one 64-bit that link with each other by some special non-standard
>> means
> I think that should be technically possible but I've never heard of
> anybody actually implementing it.  The binutils do not have such a
> feature.
> Ian

Nspluginwrapper allows a 64bit browser to run 32bit plugins. It
somehow builds exactly that kind of bridge. I suggest investigating
how it does that.


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