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Blackfin: Disassembly prettification, part 2

This is a big patch by Robin Getz which cleans up the disassembler output for the Blackfin to make it more consistent and more readable. All the gas testcases were updated to match.

Since it's so big, I'm only appending the ChangeLogs in plain text; the patch is attached as a compressed file. Committed.


      * gas/bfin/arithmetic.d: Update to reflect spaces/capitalization in
      recent changes in opcodes/bfin-dis.c.
      gas/bfin/arithmetic.s: Likewise.
      gas/bfin/bit.d: Likewise.
      gas/bfin/bit2.d: Likewise.
      gas/bfin/control_code.d: Likewise.
      gas/bfin/control_code2.d: Likewise.
      gas/bfin/event.d: Likewise.
      gas/bfin/event2.d: Likewise.
      gas/bfin/flow.d: Likewise.
      gas/bfin/flow2.d: Likewise.
      gas/bfin/load.d: Likewise.
      gas/bfin/logical.d: Likewise.
      gas/bfin/logical2.d: Likewise.
      gas/bfin/move.d: Likewise.
      gas/bfin/move2.d: Likewise.
      gas/bfin/parallel.d: Likewise.
      gas/bfin/parallel2.d: Likewise.
      gas/bfin/parallel3.d: Likewise.
      gas/bfin/parallel4.d: Likewise.
      gas/bfin/shift.d: Likewise.
      gas/bfin/shift2.d: Likewise.
      gas/bfin/stack.d: Likewise.
      gas/bfin/stack2.d: Likewise.
      gas/bfin/store.d: Likewise.
      gas/bfin/vector.d: Likewise.
      gas/bfin/vector2.d: Likewise.
      gas/bfin/video.d: Likewise.
      gas/bfin/video2.d: Likewise.

* bfin-dis.c: (c_uimm4s4d, c_imm5d, c_imm7d, c_imm16d, c_uimm16s4d,
c_imm32, c_huimm32e): Define.
(constant_formats): Add flags for printing decimal, leading spaces, and
exact symbols.
(comment, parallel): Add global flags in all disassembly.
(fmtconst): Take advantage of new flags, and print default in hex.
(fmtconst_val): Likewise.
(decode_macfunc): Be consistant with spaces, tabs, comments,
capitalization in disassembly, fix minor coding style issues.
(reg_names, amod0, amod1, amod0amod2, aligndir, get_allreg): Likewise.
(decode_ProgCtrl_0, decode_PushPopMultiple_0, decode_CCflag_0,
decode_CC2dreg_0, decode_CC2stat_0, decode_BRCC_0, decode_UJUMP_0,
decode_REGMV_0, decode_ALU2op_0, decode_PTR2op_0, decode_LOGI2op_0,
decode_COMP3op_0, decode_COMPI2opD_0, decode_COMPI2opP_0,
decode_LDSTpmod_0, decode_dagMODim_0, decode_dagMODik_0,
decode_dspLDST_0, decode_LDST_0, decode_LDSTiiFP_0, decode_LDSTii_0,
decode_LoopSetup_0, decode_LDIMMhalf_0, decode_CALLa_0,
decode_LDSTidxI_0, decode_linkage_0, decode_dsp32alu_0,
decode_dsp32shift_0, decode_dsp32shiftimm_0, decode_pseudodbg_assert_0,
_print_insn_bfin, print_insn_bfin): Likewise.
This footer brought to you by insane German lawmakers.
Analog Devices GmbH Wilhelm-Wagenfeld-Str. 6 80807 Muenchen
Sitz der Gesellschaft Muenchen, Registergericht Muenchen HRB 40368
Geschaeftsfuehrer Thomas Wessel, William A. Martin, Margaret Seif

Attachment: robins-dis.diff.gz
Description: GNU Zip compressed data

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