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Re: Adding MIPS support to GOLD

>  >> I was thinking about looking at MIPS support, however I think it may
>  >> be a bit complicated.  The Multi-GOT support is something that does
>  >> not exist for x86, so it would be completely new.  The rest (having
>  >> not looked at the gold source code yet), I think would be mostly
>  >> straight forward.

Actually, it shouldn't be that difficult to support multiple GOTs. The
GOT section is just an instance of a class, and the target-independent
parts of gold should be able to handle more than one of them just

All the target-dependent code in gold is in the source files
and To add a new target, you'll want to add a new
target-specific source file (e.g., and use one of the
existing ones as your guide. Basically, you'll need to define a new
subclass of Sized_target (see target.h), and implement the public
member functions defined in the base classes Target and Sized_target.
You'll also need a new subclass of Target_selector (see
target-select.h). The most common types of relocations are implemented
in target-independent code in the class Relocate_functions (see
reloc.h), but you'll need to implement MIPS-specific ones in the
target-specific source file.


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