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Re: Adding MIPS support to GOLD

Rick Mann wrote:

On Mar 25, 2008, at 10:22 AM, David Daney wrote:
I was thinking about looking at MIPS support, however I think it may be a bit complicated. The Multi-GOT support is something that does not exist for x86, so it would be completely new. The rest (having not looked at the gold source code yet), I think would be mostly straight forward.

I consider myself a fairly expert programmer, but not in the area of language tools, and sadly it gets harder for me when looking at something like GCC and binutils (I'm really a Mac programmer, using the traditional Mac APIs). Is there someplace I can learn about the GOT, why multi-GOT exists for MIPS and not for x86, how it's used, etc.?

It is a consequence of immediate data being limited to 16 bits in MIPS ISAs. You can only efficiently access 2^14 GOT/PLT entries. To work around this problem, ld generates multiple GOTs if required.

(If you give me a specific task in binutils, I can probably help. If you tell me to design something, I need to learn more about the problem domain.)

That is a truism. You would probably need to familiarize yourself with the ELF, and the mips psABI specifications for unix/linux

David Daney

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