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Re: [patch] PR/5944: Support windres using correct gcc for mingw64

Nick Clifton <> wrote on 18.03.2008 11:56:14:

> Hi Kai,
> > 2008-03-17  Kai Tietz  <>
> > 
> >         PR/5944
> >         * binutils-all/windres/windres.exp: Add cross compiler support
> >         for mingw64.
> Approved, but...
> > +# For none winsup using targets use the target gcc compiler
> > +if {[istarget "x86_64-*-mingw*"] } {
> Can this problem also occur for the i686-*-mingw* target ?  If so, 
> shouldn't it be included in this test ?
I can modify the code, that always the content of $CC is used as 
preprocessor for windres. The problem can happen for all mingw cross 
compilers using just the binutils snapshot for build without the winsup/ 
directory in base.
Additionally there is still a lack in supporting the build of cross 
binutils itself. For this we would need the --with-sysroot path from 
configure, which is unavailable for testsuite AFAIK. Additionally the 
define '-D_WIN32' should be passed to the windres, if cross-compiling is 


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