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Re: Checking out the source

NightStrike wrote:

> Is there a way to check out both the binutils source as well as the
> gcc source at once?

They can't be checked out "at once" per se, owing to the fact that they
are in completely separate repositories.  You used to be able to do this
with uberbaum before gcc switched to Subversion though.  It's still
possible to create a combined tree however, see for example:
<>.  If you follow that recipe
you'll get a lot more than just gcc and binutils, but you can remove the
parts you don't care about.

> From what I understand, there is some maount of
> work shared between the two.  How are they combined?

Yes, there is some duplication between the two, such as toplevel,
libiberty, config, etc.  For the parts that are shared, the gcc repo is
considered the master, and src gets synced to that.  The method listed
above uses a tree of hardlinks, and the beauty of it is that it first
links everything from src then links everything from gcc, so that for
anything that exists in both repos, the gcc copy will override.


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