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Re: [PATCH] Implement support to get data from import/export tables

Hi Jakub,

So, here are two patches.

Thanks for posting these patches, and please accept my apologese for taking so long to review them. The patches were fine. You have the right approach and I was glad to see that they applied cleanly and did not introduce any regressions into the testsuites.

However I cannot guarantee that output of _bfd_XX_print_imports() will
be the same as after bfd pe_print_idata()
[So should I do it?
Or we can have duplicated code of reading import && export tables to avoid regressions?]

Hmm, I guess that it depends upon how different the output will be. If the same information is present in the new version and it is just some stylistic issues, then that would be OK. But information is missing from the new format of the output then that would be bad.

I tried my best to fit into bfd coding style.
However mine is quite different, so if I made mistakes than sorry.

No problems. There were a few style issues, but nothing serious.

As it stands however we cannot accept these patches without you first signing an FSF copyright assignment form. I can send you the initial request form if you like.


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