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Re: [RFD] MIPS/gas: Optimisation cannot be set to 0

>>>>> "Ian" == Ian Lance Taylor <> writes:

 Ian> "Maciej W. Rozycki" <> writes:
 >> Wed Feb 12 14:36:29 1997 Ian Lance Taylor <>
 >> * config/tc-mips.c (md_parse_option): When debugging, set
 >> mips_optimize to 1, not 0.

 Ian> My vague recollection of the problem is that at least at that
 Ian> time gcc would always pass a -O option to the assembler.  When
 Ian> not optimizing, it would pass -O0.  However, inserting NOPs for
 Ian> MIPS variants which do not need them does not help debugging.

 Ian> Clearly failing to provide a way to set mips_optimize to 0 was
 Ian> an oversight.

I thought that GCC these days (as of V3.4 or so) tells the assembler
not to do any of those silly transformations -- instead the compiler
does it, because the compiler's code generator has a lot more
information and can do a much better job.

This is as it should be.  "optimizing assembler" is a contradiction in

In other words, I thought that gcc now tells the assembler ".set
noreorder; .set nomacro; .set noat" so the assembler isn't going to do
ANY transformations.


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