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Re: [patch]: Add MS __ImageBase symbol to 32-bit pe.em

Kai Tietz wrote:
Hi Pedro,

Kai Tietz wrote:

> + D(ImageBase,"__ImageBase", NT_EXE_IMAGE_BASE),
> D(SectionAlignment,"__section_alignment__",
 >    D(FileAlignment,"__file_alignment__", PE_DEF_FILE_ALIGNMENT),
 >    D(MajorOperatingSystemVersion,"__major_os_version__", 4),
 > @@ -374,6 +376,8 @@ set_pe_name (char *name, long val)
 >     {
 >       init[i].value = val;
 >       init[i].inited = 1;
 > +     if (strcmp (name,"__image_base__") == 0)
 > +       set_pe_name ("__ImageBase", val);

Shouldn't it be ___ImageBase (3 underscores) on i386 9x/NT
Windows, as opposed to x64, which I think I've read that it
is not underscored?  This file is also used for arm-wince,
which is not underscored.  (Although this __ImageBase thing
isn't as useful in Windows CE, because HMODULE == base address
isn't true there.)

You may use U take care of the differences between targets,
it's defined in the top of pe.em:


Where INITIAL_SYMBOL_CHAR is "_" in i386.

Like so:
+       set_pe_name (U ("__ImageBase"), val);

The symbol is defined by MS as 'extern IMAGE_DOS_HEADER _ImageBase'. So the name is correct. I will add the U.

Where is that documented? It wouldn't be the first time MS docs wheren't exactly in line with reality...

Did you try it? This doesn't build here with MSVC2005.

#include "stdafx.h"
#include <windows.h>
#include <stdio.h>


int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[])
    printf ("%p\n", HINST_THISCOMPONENT);
    return 0;

>main.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol __ImageBase

But, two underscores on __ImageBase on the C/C++ side links correctly.

For Windows CE and arm-wince __image_base__ is invalid too (the same thing as for _ImageBase).

I know. It hasn't bothered me enough yet to fix it ;)

No, for x64 it is underscored, too.

Humm, this is what I remembered reading:

Pedro Alves

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