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[PATCH] Fix comment typos in gas/config/tc-hppa.c


While working on something else I noticed two typos.

OK to checkin?

2007-10-18  Carlos O'Donell  <>

	* config/tc-hppa.c (pa_ip): Fix comment typo.
	(pa_comm): Likewise.

Index: gas/config/tc-hppa.c
RCS file: /cvs/src/src/gas/config/tc-hppa.c,v
retrieving revision 1.136
diff -u -p -r1.136 tc-hppa.c
--- gas/config/tc-hppa.c	17 Oct 2007 16:45:55 -0000	1.136
+++ gas/config/tc-hppa.c	18 Oct 2007 05:03:56 -0000
@@ -3211,7 +3211,7 @@ pa_ip (char *str)

-  /* Look up the opcode in the has table.  */
+  /* Look up the opcode in the hash table.  */
   if ((insn = (struct pa_opcode *) hash_find (op_hash, str)) == NULL)
       as_bad ("Unknown opcode: `%s'", str);
@@ -6166,7 +6166,7 @@ pa_data (int unused ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED)

 /* This is different than the standard GAS s_comm(). On HP9000/800 machines,
-   the .comm pseudo-op has the following symtax:
+   the .comm pseudo-op has the following syntax:

    <label> .comm <length>

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