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Re: ld68k coff again

Le jeudi 04 octobre 2007 à 17:47 +0100, Nick Clifton a écrit :
> Hi Bruno,

Hi Nick
> > The size of the sources files and their object files are :
> > dtb00.S :	10 bytes
> > list.S:         4 bytes
> > descr001.S	8 bytes
> > 
> > But the size of the linked file is 24 bytes
> > 
> > It seems that a word is added by the linker at the end of the linked
> > file and I don't know how to remove it.
> You have run into a limitation of the COFF file format.  With COFF all(*) 
> sections have a 4 byte alignment, so the output section is padded to a 4 byte 
> boundary.


> There are two possible solutions to your problem:
>    1.  Switch to a better file format.  (Go on, do it.  You know that ELF makes 
> sense... :-)

Ok. I just try it, and my object files have the right size. In fact, I
just have to had a header to the generated file.

>    2.  Hack the assembler and linker so that the default section alignment is 
> two bytes instead of four.  The attached patch will do this.  You will have to 
> build and install the assembler and linker of course.

Many thanks again for your help.



> Cheers
>    Nick
> (*) There are a few exceptions, but they have fixed names.  You cannot just 
> choose the alignment for an arbitrary section.

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