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Re: compile failure due to undefined symbol

On Tue, 2 Oct 2007, Peter S. Mazinger wrote:

Hi Nick,

> > But I was able to use it as the basis for a patch which did work.  Would you 
> > like to try it out and see what you think ?  (The patch is attached, but I have 
> > not included the regenerated files.  I assume that you are OK to recreate them 
> > yourself).  I chose to use -rpath rather than -rpath-link and then to 
> > explicitly link into the shared bfd library rather than using the library 
> > location mechanism as this appeared to do the right thing.

Works for me too with 2.18 for i686-*-linux-gnu/ and 2.17 for
mipsel-*-linux-uclibc (adapted).

Is -Wl,-z,defs supported everywhere?

> I assume you checked that using -rpath has really the correct 
> RPATH/RUNPATH in opcodes/.libs/ and in the finally installed 
> one in --libdir or whatever.

I checked, there is no hardcoded RUNPATH/RPATH in the intermediate/final 
shared libraries, so that should be fine

> Wondering if SHARED_DEPENDENCIES should be bfd/, that is for sure 
> a target in the Makefiles and implies the creation of the needed 
>, meaning also that the bfd directory is "finalized", I am 
> sure about bfd/.libs/ being a good target.

I have used SHARED_DEPENDENCIES pointing to `pwd`/../bfd/


Peter S. Mazinger <ps dot m at gmx dot net>           ID: 0xA5F059F2
Key fingerprint = 92A4 31E1 56BC 3D5A 2D08  BB6E C389 975E A5F0 59F2

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