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Re: [PATCH] Addition of new option '--rlib' in linker for Renesas SH targets

Pedro Alves wrote:

Gina Verlekar wrote:


The patch attached herewith adds a new option '--rlib' to the linker.
Using this
option, Linker links a Renesas SH library file (created by Renesas
Compiler) with GNU object files.
'--rlib' option is supported only for Renesas SH targets.

The format of the option is:
--rlib=<filename >
where 'filename' is the Renesas SH library file to be linked.

This patch converts the Renesas library file into a GNU archive with
name <filename>.rlib. This file is created in the same directory as the
Renesas library file. This created GNU archive is then passed to the Linker for
further processing. This option can be used multiple times to link multiple Renesas SH
library files.

If the Renesas library is fully converted into a GNU archive, why isn't this implimented as a
separate tool? One that converts the libs only once, and be done with it so the user can use -l
normally. You could even integrate the tool into the build system, so it would be transparent
like your patches aims at being.

I took a quick look at the patch, and can't see anything that would prevent you
from splitting process_renesas_library_file into a seperate tool.
As I understand the patch, process_renesas_library_file function extracts the object files of the renesas lib,
and then you then call create_gnu_archive on the files mimicing what ar q does.

You could instead have (simplified):

rlibextract $(renesaslib) $(outputdir)
ar q librenlib.a $(outputdir)/*
ld $(objects) -lrenlib

rlibextract being your new tool.

It would reduce code duplication,
you would be able to maintain it with a different release cycle from binutils,
*and* it could be used with older binutils versions.

Wouldn't this be better? Or am I missing something?

Pedro Alves

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