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Re: [Patch/pe-coff] : Add native spelling of import lib names to dynamic lib search

Pedro Alves wrote:
> Pedro Alves wrote:
>> Nick Clifton wrote:
>>>> * emultempl/pe.em (gld_${EMULATION_NAME}_open_dynamic_archive): Restructure. Add native "%s.lib" format to search list
>>>> * ld.texinfo (node WIN32): Update documentation on dynamic lib
>>>> search order. Add another reason for using import libs.
>>> 2006-06-19 Danny Smith <>
>>> Approved and applied.
>>> Note - I slightly changed the construction of the size passed to the xmalloc() function, so that instead of using sizeof on a separate string, it accesses the libname_fmt structure and pulls a string out of there. I felt that this made it more obvious as to why the value was being included in the computation of the amount of memory required. I also added a comment into the declaration of the libname_fmt structure to remind future coders to check and update the length if necessary.
>> This doesn't work correctly. The sizeof (libname_fmt.format) is sizeof (const char*), not the sizeof the string.
>> Fixed with the following patch. Other possibilities would be to s/sizeof/strlen/ or sizeof(*libname_fmt.format),
>> by I think this way makes the code clearer, and less surprising.

Sorry for generating a lot of noise, but it seems the patch got mangled up, because I accidently posted as html.
Here goes the same patch an an attached gzip.

2006-06-24 Pedro Alves <>

* emultempl/pe.em (gld_${EMULATION_NAME}_open_dynamic_archive): New member fixed_len in libname_fmt, representing the length of
the format string minus the length of the formatters. Adjust
xmalloc call to use the longest of the lengths.

Pedro Alves

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