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PowerPC 405 support

I was looking at adding support to GDB for a variant of
the PPC 405.  This variant has several added instructions
but is otherwise the same, i.e., has the same registers, etc.
GDB gets most of it's info about the PPC processors from
BFD and the opcode files.

I thought I'd add a processor type named Xppc405 or ppc405X
for this variant.  Then I noticed that the 405 is really
not supported as a variant, but the 403 is, and that the 403
has extensions (and at least one hack) for the 405.  There
are opcodes defined for PPC405, but this symbol is aliased
to PPC403.

It looks pretty straight-forward to create a ppc405 variant
and unalias it from the ppc403.  Then create a ppc405X
variant which builds on the ppc405.  Any reason not to do

Alternately I could (a) add the variant's instructions
to the existing PPC405 definition and leave that as an
alias for the PPC403.  That would be quick, but seems dirty.

BTW, does anyone have documentation on the PPC403?  I
can't find any online and if I do unalias PPC405 from PPC403,
I'd like to make sure that the opcodes labeled PPC405 are
really only in the 405, and not also in the 403.

-- Michael Eager 1960 Park Blvd., Palo Alto, CA 94306 650-325-8077

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