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Re: Linking of C++ code takes a long time

Hi Christian,

When it comes to the linking stage, linking takes
about 1.30 minutes (2.4 GHz Athlon). Using a FC4-system with all the
latest updates, linking takes about 10 seconds (1.8 GHz Athlon),

The linking time is reproducible slow on
a second FC5-system (1.8 GHz Intel dual-core CPU).

First I thought that there could be a binutils issue and I tried a
downgrade of binutils- (FC5) to binutils-
(FC4) but this did not solve the problem.

So you appear to be saying that the cause in the slowdown is the OS and not the version of the linker ? Did you try using the version on FC4 ? If so was it still < 10 seconds for the link ?

Have you tried using any system profiling tools to find out what is going on ? (vmstat, oprofile, etc)

Do have other background processes running on the FC5 machine that you do not have running on the FC4 machine ? Are you using NFS mounts ?

Anyway really if this is an OS issue, you ought to try asking on a Fedora list.


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