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[OT] RE: Unable to delete directory in Cygwin

On 22 June 2006 15:14, Nick Clifton wrote:

> Hi Gina,
>> While this logic works fine in the linux, the temporary directory does
>> not get deleted in cygwin.
> Since this appears to be a cygwin specific problem, you really ought to
> post your question on their mailing list.

  Just for the record/archives, she did, and we discussed it at
and subsequent thread.

>> After debugging using gdb, I found that in cygwin, the intermediate
>> files still had some handlers open for it despite of reaching till
>  > the end of the main() function in linker. Due to this, the temporary
>> files get deleted only after exiting from the main. Hence as the
>  > temporary drectory is not empty till then, it cannot get deleted.
> This is probably due to a difference in the behaviour of the unlink()
> system call between Linux and Cygwin.  It may well not be a bug though.
>   It may just be that two OS's have different behaviours.

  Yes, this is indeed the case; although POSIX mandates the behaviour shown by
Linux, Cygwin's hands are tied by the behaviour of the underlying windows O/S
and file systems.

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