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GNU ld linker wrapping

I'm hoping to use the linker to "protect" me from closed-source
third-party libraries I can't get rid of.  Some are static and some
are shared.  Some of the libraries use old versions of gcc/g++ such
as g++-3.2.2.

My first idea, not yet attempted, is to use a thin C library to wrap
the third-party 3.2.2 C++ library, only wrapping the few functions I
need and ignoring all others, and then link the resulting C library
against my own 3.4.5 ABI C++ code.

The third-party 3.2.2 library uses the older, version 5, C++ standard
library that was normal for g++ 3.2.2.  My code uses version 6.  How
would I tell the linker to use version 5 only for linking the
third-party library, and use version 6 for linking everything else in
my app?

Related to this I'm also wondering how to pull the third-party
library into my wrapper library so that I only have to distribute one

Suggestions for better ways to attack this problem would also be


Shawn Yarbrough
Senior E-Trading Developer
Gelber Group, LLC

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