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Re: FreeBSD 4.6 - binutils 2.14 installs useless libbfd

John Levon <> writes:

> > There are very few users of BFD other than the GNU binutils and gdb.
> > It's not unreasonable to force other users to either distribute their
> > own shared libbfd, or to link statically.
> Actually I think it is a little unreasonable. Surely you can't agree
> that it's really sensible policy for every project needing basic
> functionality to carry around their own Mb's of source (this would dwarf
> the actual code we interface to libbfd with !). Not least because it
> means we can't take advantage of any platform-local changes made to the
> distributed libbfd.

I think it's not unreasonable over all because there are very few
projects which use BFD.

I agree that it's unreasonable for those few projects.

> If you want to force it, stop installing libbfd. Though you'll just
> find all the Linux distributions at least backing out that change ...

We need to either install libbfd, or link statically.  I think
distributions prefer to use dynamic linking to save space.

I suppose we could install libbfd in a hidden directory and use
-rpath, but it seems like a lot of trouble.


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