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Re: [revised patch] ns32k gas/bfd cleanup

Hi Ian,

> bfd/ChangeLog entries:

> 2002-07-27  Ian Dall  <>
> 	* cpu-ns32k.c (_bfd_ns32k_put_immdeiate, _bfd_ns32k_get_immediate):
> 	There is no 8 byte relocation type for this architecture.
> 	(do_ns32k_reloc): Use bfd_vma instead of native types.
> 	* aout-ns32k.c (howto_table): Add appropriate overflow detection
> 	to all table entries.
> 	(_bfd_ns32k_relocate_contents): put_data returns void.
> 	* cpu-ns32k.c (do_ns32k_reloc, bfd_ns32k_put_displacement)
> 	(bfd_ns32k_put_immediate, _bfd_ns32k_relocate_contents) put_data
> 	returns void.
> 	(_bfd_ns32k_put_displacement): Don't check for
> 	overflow. We can rely on generic code to do that.
> 	* ns32k.h: (_bfd_ns32k_put_displacement, _bfd_ns32k_put_immediate)
> 	(_bfd_do_ns32k_reloc_contents): Fix prototypes. put data functions
> 	return void.
> gas/ChangeLog entries:
> 2002-07-27  Ian Dall  <>
> 	* config/tc-ns32k.h (md_pcrel_adjust): Supply prototype.
> 	* config/tc-ns32k.c (convert_iif, md_parse_option, md_show_usage):
> 	Allow default displacement size to be an option	"--disp-size-default".
> 	* config/tc-ns32k.c (md_number_to_disp): Make error messages
> 	include value. Use %d to print integers, not %s.
> 	(fix_new_ns32k): conditionally set fx_no_overflow so we don't
> 	get duplicate messages sometimes.
> 	* config/tc-ns32k.c (convert_iif): Grow frag to max possible
> 	instruction size. Avoid creating unnecessary fixes.
> 	* config/tc-ns32k.c(md_number_to_field) Add prototype
> 	(addr_mode, optlist, list_search, encode_operands)
> 	(encode_operand, parse, convert_iif, md_fix_pcrel_adjust): Add
> 	prototypes and make static.
> 	(struct addr_mode): Make mode and scaled_mode explicitly signed.
> 	(evaluate_expr): Use resultP argument instead of exprP global.
> 	(get_addr_mode): Quiten compiler warnings.
> 	(encode_operand): eliminate unused variables. Quiten compiler
> 	warnings. Eliminate nul character in format strings.
> 	(parse): argc is unsigned.
> 	(reloc): Type cast index to quieten compiler.
> 	(md_pcrel_adjust, md_apply_fix3): Remove unused variable.
> 	(md_convert_frag): Note unused parameters. Remove unused
> 	variables.
> 	(md_create_long_jump, md_create_short_jump,
> 	md_undefined_symbol_name, md_section_align, tc_gen_reloc): Note
> 	unused parameters.

Approved and applied.  I also fixed a few minor formatting issues,
such as comment style, etc.


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