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Re: qnx-nto elf backend

Hi Graeme,

> The elf bfd backend functions I added for i386qnx need to be
> farmed out and made available for all qnx nto targets.
> I have declared three functions, a macro, and defined the
> following in elf32-i386qnx.c:
>  #define elf_backend_set_nonloadable_filepos elf_i386qnx_set_nonloadable_filepos
>  #define elf_backend_is_contained_by_filepos elf_i386qnx_is_contained_by_filepos
>  #define elf_backend_copy_private_bfd_data_p elf_i386qnx_copy_private_bfd_data_p
> What I want is to put them in a common file, rename them from
> "elf_i386qnx_*" to "elf_qnx*", and then include that common
> file in elf32-i386qnx.c and elfarmqnx-nabi.c, and define the 
> functions as:
>  #define elf_backend_set_nonloadable_filepos elf_qnx_set_nonloadable_filepos
>  #define elf_backend_is_contained_by_filepos elf_qnx_is_contained_by_filepos
>  #define elf_backend_copy_private_bfd_data_p elf_qnx_copy_private_bfd_data_p
> Questions:
> ==========
> - Should I make the definitions in the common file, or in each of the
>   elf_*qnx*.c files?  I tend toward the latter, in case there is any
>   divergence in the future.

I would suggest that you put them in the common file, but protect them
with #ifndef's:

  #ifndef elf_backend_set_nonloadable_filepos
  #define elf_backend_set_nonloadable_filepos elf_qnx_set_nonloadable_filepos

That way you can just #include the common file for now, which is less
work, and if, in the future, you need to override them for particular
targets you can do so.

> - Should the common file be a C file or a header file?  I tend towards
>   a C file for debugging reasons.

It should not matter to a debugger whether the file is a .h or a .c
file.  The prevailing trend in the BFD sources though is to use a .h
file for this kind of thing.  But this is not a hard and fast rule and
if you would prefer to use a .c file then go ahead.


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