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Re: [Gcl-devel] Re: BFD relocations

On Sat, Jul 27, 2002 at 12:59:04AM -0400, Camm Maguire wrote:
> Greetings!  
> When called to retrieve non-relocatable output (i.e. with the
> output_bfd parameter set to 0), bfd_get_relocated_section_contents
> works on the following platforms:
> elf: i386 ppc s390 m68k arm sparc
> The following platforms fail:
> elf: mips alpha ia64 hppa
> coff: i386
> 1) Is it intended to support this routine on all platforms eventually?

What itch will it scratch?

> 2) Are patches enabling this function likely to be accepted rather
> 	easily, or are they likely to break other currently used
> 	routines? 

Implementing this function likely won't break anything.

> 3) Are there recommended guidelines for such patches?  I.e. relatively
> 	safe places for modifications?

You'll likely need to implement missing special_function entries for
reloc howto structures.  It may work out easier in some cases to
implement a new get_relocated_section_contents function rather than
trying to use bfd_generic_get_relocated_section_contents.

Alan Modra
IBM OzLabs - Linux Technology Centre

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