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Re: RFA: gas-arm: maintain literal pools on a per section/per-subsection basis

>   What might be controversial about this patch however, and the reason
>   why I am asking for comments first, is that it also changes the
>   default behavior of the assembler so that the literal pool is no
>   longer automatically dumped upon section change, but instead only
>   when a .ltorg directive is encountered, or at the end of input.
>   This makes more sense, since it allows the programmer complete
>   control over where the literal pools will be placed.

I guess the implication of this is that

	ldr	x, =0x511
	.space	3000

	.word 0

	.space 3000

will now fail to assemble, when it did before.  However, I would suggest 
that the above code sequence is buggy, so I'm not particularly worried 
about that.

GCC doesn't use the automatic literal pool generation, so this is no great 
shakes from the compiler point of view.

I've no objections to this change.

Do we really need an option to support the old model?  Did the 
documentation ever imply that literal sections would be dumped 
automatically at each section change?


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