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Re: RELA relocation is not supported by your architecture

On Wed, Jul 24, 2002 at 10:33:07AM +0200, Vincent PONCET wrote:
> Hello,
> We develop a driver for a card plugged on the Topas evaluation board, under
> Linux. We have already a linux-vr 2.4 system that running for this
> plattform.In first we created (and compiled with cross-tools on a PC) a
> simple "hello.o" driver to test the capability of the system to load
> modules.
> When we put the driver "hello.o" on the target and do "insmod" commande the
> sytem answers :
> 	"hello.o:RELA relocation is not supported by your architecture"
> Do you have an idea to overcom this problem ?

You are using the wrong/broken tools or you don't compile the module
right. The current Linux/MIPS doesn't use RELA. As for mips, YOU CAN'T

# gcc -c hello.c

to build a kernel module. You have to use the compiler options for the
kernel build. Take a look at arch/mips/Makefile in the kernel source

> ps: the configuration of the plattform is the following:
> -micro mips toshiba tmpr3912
> -the file system is loaded via nfs from a nfs PC server


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