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Re: 3.3 PATCH: Handle mips gas 2.13 -mdebug switch

Eric Christopher writes:

> 0) I was just working on this myself. If you require #1 it's much easier
> ;)

Indeed: unfortunately, I'm currently hampered by a bug (yet to be found) in
gas 2.12.90 which causes many additional testsuite failures for my irix6o32
configuration with stabs, compared to 2.12.1.  So I need to support the
latter for some time.  Testresults for gas 2.12.1 with stabs are idential
to gas 2.12.90 with DWARF-2 :-).

> 1) I wish there was a way to require certain versions of gas with
> certain versions of gcc.

This is currently done both by feature testing and mentioning the
requirements in install.texi (which too few people read, unfortunately).

> 2) The configure part of this patch is missing :)

Right: included below.  This part was mostly cut-and-paste, but anyway
tested on the various assembler versions indicated in the patch submission.

> 3) I'm trying to get rid of SDB_DEBUGGING, in a patch I'll be committing
> shortly I'm moving everything but mips-ecoff, mips-sni, and irix5. I'm
> not sure about the o32 irix6.

I cannot really parse this: irix6o32 only inherits SDB_DEBUGGING from
iris5gas.h, so if you remove it there, irix6o32 will loose it as well.  I
certainly agree that this is useful: gdb support is probably even more
bit-rotten than stabs-in-mdebug.

> 4) The patch in general looks ok to me after these comments. You'll need
> more approval than me though.

Ok, I fear I'll need a global-write-privs maintainer for the gcc.c (and parts.  Any takers?  The part is below, the rest
of the patch at



Index: gcc/
RCS file: /cvs/gcc/gcc/gcc/,v
retrieving revision 1.610
diff -u -p -r1.610
--- gcc/	14 Jul 2002 01:59:13 -0000	1.610
+++ gcc/	19 Jul 2002 17:03:38 -0000
@@ -2154,6 +2156,35 @@ if test x"$gcc_cv_as_gstabs_flag" = xyes
+case "$target" in
+  mips*-*-*)
+    AC_MSG_CHECKING(assembler -mdebug support)
+    gcc_cv_as_mdebug_flag=no
+    if test x$gcc_cv_gas_major_version != x -a x$gcc_cv_gas_minor_version != x;
+    then
+      if test "$gcc_cv_gas_major_version" -eq 2 \
+	  -a "$gcc_cv_gas_minor_version" -ge 13 \
+	  -o "$gcc_cv_gas_major_version" -gt 2 \
+         && grep 'obj_format = elf' ../gas/Makefile > /dev/null \
+	 && test x"$insn" != x ; then
+        gcc_cv_as_mdebug_flag="yes"
+      fi
+    elif test x$gcc_cv_as != x -a x"$insn" != x ; then
+	echo '' > conftest.s
+	# ??? This fails with non-gnu grep.
+	if $gcc_cv_as -mdebug -o conftest.o conftest.s > /dev/null 2>&1 ; then
+	  gcc_cv_as_mdebug_flag="yes"
+	fi
+	rm -f conftest.s conftest.o
+    fi
+    if test x"$gcc_cv_as_mdebug_flag" = xyes; then
+    [Define if your assembler supports the -mdebug option.])
+    fi
+    AC_MSG_RESULT($gcc_cv_as_mdebug_flag)
+  ;;
 if test x$gcc_cv_gld_major_version != x -a x$gcc_cv_gld_minor_version != x; then

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