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GCC testsuite run before and after ~2.12.1 upgraded to pre-2.13

It was recently announced that a branch was created for the
forthcoming FSF binutils 2.13 release.  In either that message or
another posted soon afterwards, it was mentioned that *now* is the
time to test/report on issues.  Here is my current regression report:

Zero regressions in the binutils testsuite proper on
i386-unknown-freebsd4.6 (with both no patches and a one-liner related
to "branding" which is in our system copy of binutils).

Frequently, I bootstrap GCC mainline on i386-unknown-freebsd4.6.  I
had been bootstrapping against binutils 2.12.1 20020517.  After
upgrading to the pre-2.13 branch, 2.12.90 20020717, I re-bootstrapped
GCC from scratch and saw these new failures (not necessarily
indicative of a binutils bug):

/usr/libexec/ ./element_access.exe: too few PT_LOAD segments
[... 37 additional, similar new failures in g++.log ...]

ld: ./vbase8-10.exe: Not enough room for program headers (allocated 6, need 7)
[... 1 additional, similar new failures in g++.log and 2 additional, similar
 which pre-existed this binutils upgrade but do not appear in FSF 2.11.X...]

(Regarding the second error message, I have noted others posting
reports of it to the gcc DejaGNU.)

The last time I tested binutils mainline (around mid-May), I saw a
similar error profile but hoped to look into it further before
reporting it.  However, I usually hack on the C++ library not this
level of the tool chain thus I'm a fish out of water...


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