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Re: SIGSEGV in ld at elflink.h:5500

> Looking at your original email again.. :)  I see that what's happening
> is that you're trying to output a dynamic symbol from a removed
> linkonce section.  You need to find why ld is trying to do that, or in
> fact why ld is outputting dynamic symbols for debugging sections.

Comparing the object files for string-inst.o with and without eh
frame info, the main difference in section information appears to
be that the file with eh frame info has a .debug_frame section
that the other doesn't have.  It has relocations like

OFFSET           TYPE              VALUE
0000000000000014 R_PARISC_SECREL32  .debug_frame
0000000000000018 R_PARISC_DIR64    .gnu.linkonce.t._ZNKSs7_M_dataEv
000000000000003c R_PARISC_SECREL32  .debug_frame
0000000000000040 R_PARISC_DIR64    .gnu.linkonce.t._ZNSs7_M_dataEPc

The hppa-linux 32-bit relocations are

OFFSET   TYPE              VALUE
00000014 R_PARISC_DIR32    .debug_frame
00000018 R_PARISC_DIR32    .gnu.linkonce.t._ZNKSs7_M_dataEv
00000024 R_PARISC_DIR32    .debug_frame
00000028 R_PARISC_DIR32    .gnu.linkonce.t._ZNSs7_M_dataEPc

I would guess that's the R_PARISC_DIR64 relocs that are the problem
but I am puzzled why the R_PARISC_DIR32 don't cause a similar problem.

J. David Anglin                        
National Research Council of Canada              (613) 990-0752 (FAX: 952-6605)

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