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Re: RFC & patch: Rework MIPS command-line handling

> > I took my cue from R3000 and R4000, which were the standard before.
> So, historically, those defines _seem_ to be used less as 'processor'
> defines and more as 'GPR size' defines, at least looking at the way
> GCC defined them in say 3.0.x.

It was annoying too. There _were_ preprocessor directives for mips and
mips64.. anyhow

> Nobody expects the new defines, something better seems like it would
> be worthwhile (rest of msg), and I'd _guess_ (not knowing for sure)
> that code which uses _R3000 & _R4000 do so expecting them to indicate
> GPR size...
> So, really, I'd just the define names in that table and leave _R3000
> and _R4000 alone.
> I don't know what code actually depends on those defines... but in a
> perfect world, I think we'd nuke them.  8-)  Maybe make it possible for
> OSes to kill those backward-compatibility defines, so that OSes which
> want to clean up their define space can do so.

I agree with this. We need to leave the preprocessor defines there, I'd
_like_ to extend them so that we can have code that tests for it and
tests for mips or mips64 as necessary (like newlib does...)


I will not grease the monkey bars

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