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unstriped PE executables contain data from the import library after the end of the last section - is this correct ?


Some days ago I sent a simialiar message to the binutils list but I
haven't received an answer yet -

I assume this is because I haven't asked smart-enough. Here is a
refined version of the original question, which I hope will qualify
for an answer :)

In short: I noticed that the executables produced with cygwin tools
contain some additional data after the last valid section i.e. having
an executable with the following sections:


there will be some data after the end of the .stabstr section.

Stripping with --strip-debug removes the data from .stab and .stabstr,
but this additional data is still there.

Stripping with --strip-unneeded still leaves some of it the binary.

Stripping with --strip-all removes the last pieces of this data

Now since my initial post I tried to find what this data is and it
seems that it is the output of the functions make_one() and friends
from ld/pe-dll.c. Now my question is - what is the purpose of having
this data from the import library, appended to the executable itself ?
Is this correct ?


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