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Patch for 'not used' warning from cp-demangle.c

This patch fixes the following warning when compiling
libstdc++-v3 (libsupc++.a):

 > cxa_demangle.c:3889: warning: `demangle_v3_with_details' defined but not used

Bootstrapped on sparc-sun-solaris2.7, ok to install?


2002-07-06  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* cp-demangle.c (demangle_v3_with_details): Wrap in
	!defined IN_GLIBCPP_V3. 

diff -rup orig/egcc-CVS20020705/libiberty/cp-demangle.c egcc-CVS20020705/libiberty/cp-demangle.c
--- orig/egcc-CVS20020705/libiberty/cp-demangle.c	2002-07-02 00:17:39.000000000 -0400
+++ egcc-CVS20020705/libiberty/cp-demangle.c	2002-07-06 08:22:05.863272887 -0400
@@ -3880,6 +3880,7 @@ java_demangle_v3 (mangled)
 #endif /* IN_LIBGCC2 || IN_GLIBCPP_V3 */
+#ifndef IN_GLIBCPP_V3
 /* Demangle NAME in the G++ V3 ABI demangling style, and return either
    zero, indicating that some error occurred, or a demangling_t
    holding the results.  */
@@ -3917,7 +3918,6 @@ demangle_v3_with_details (name)
-#ifndef IN_GLIBCPP_V3
 /* Return non-zero iff NAME is the mangled form of a constructor name
    in the G++ V3 ABI demangling style.  Specifically, return:
    - '1' if NAME is a complete object constructor,

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