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Re: Top Level Autoconfiscation Status

In message <>, Andrew Cagney writes:
 >> In message <>, Tim Hollebeek writes:
 >>  >> * To avoid a lot of subtle problems, configure uses absolute pathnames
 >>  >> for most directories which it puts into the Makefile.  This means you
 >>  >> can no longer 'configure', relocate srcdir or builddir, and then 'make'
 >>  >> I doubt that this is important.
 >> I do this regularly -- especially on machines where configure is slow
 >> (hpux, aix, solaris).
 >I believe that both BFD and READLINE (in src) are currently broken in 
 >this regard (DJE reported problems).  There was a somewhat underwelming 
 >response (see binutils) when it was suggested that developers should be 
 >responsible for ensuring that this obscure functionality continues to work.
Hmmm, I'm 99.9% sure I recently did this with a tree which included
BFD & READLINE and I didn't see any problems.  That doesn't mean such 
problems don't exist -- it merely means I didn't run into them.


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